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Update & Fixes!


Hi the update come with good respawn on caves and best stability without bugs!

Fixeds on Zyrania:
*Fixed Bug Zao: Zumtah + Marked now you dont get more debug!
*Fixed Bug Lever Behemoth Quest
*Fixed Bug Addoner with wrong Items
*Fixed Bug with Switch dont work in Banuta, now work 100%
*Fixed Bug with Missing Npc Marina for trade spider slik for spool of yarn

Edit/Added on Zyrania:
*Sudden Death Rune reducing damage now the damage is like a tibia-stats!
*Respawn Larva "Ankrahmun" (North) change for Heros(1º floor), Dragon Lord(2º floor), Dragon Lord(3º floor)
*Respawn Tombs of "Ankrahmun" added hole for going down, change all floors with Dragon Lords
*Respawn Trolls "Edron" (north-west) change for Dragon Lords
*Respawn Rotworm "Liberty Bay" (west) change for Dragon Lords
*Added Respawn "Liberty Bay" Nightmares in Castle (east of city, if you dont know where is that, find npc Admiral Wyrmslicer)

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Zyrania Best Real Map!


Zyrania has started a new season in which you can enjoy many adventures, experiences, wars and go hunting with your friends!

~ Quests ~

Annihilator Quest, Elemental sphere quest, Inquisition quest, Killing in the name of... quest, Pits of inferno quest, In service of yalahar quest, Shadows of yalahar quest, Demon helmet quest, Tome of knowledge quest, The New frontier quest, Demon oak quest, Firewalker boots quest, Children of the revolution quest, Wrath of the emperor quest More!

*No other OT has as many quests as zurenia!
*Our quests are fully working.
*Server Features
*Razachai(North Zao) with fully working quests

*Great PvP experience
*Balanced vocations
*Real guild war system
*Bank system via Talkactions and Npc''s
*Raid system and Boss spawns
*No overpowered donation items
*All Monsters with their respective loot
*New Autostack has been added
*Pickup distance just like real tibia
*Push just like real tibia
*Hotkey is fixed so it propperly display potions

~ Custom Citys ~

~ Stages Information ~
1 - 50 level, 80x
51 - 80 level, 60x
81 - 110 level, 45x
111 - 150 level, 25x
151 - 190 level, 15x
191+ 5x

Skills: 3x
Magic: 3x
Loot: 3x

Red skull: Daily 25 | Weekly 90 | Monthly 360

Winter at Zyrania!

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